Tuesday, 31 May 2011

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New research shows that the power of the mind is even stronger than once thought. A strong sense of self-worth actually creates a type of self-fulfilling prophecy: the more you believe you are able to achieve something, the more likely it is that you will.

There is an immense requirement of developing self esteem among individuals for better professional and personal results. Motivation can be defined as the internal condition that activates behavior and gives it direction; and energizes and directs goal oriented behavior. Most human beings have dreams of achieving something in life, however not everyone succeeds in their endeavor. This is because along with a dream to attain something, one should also possess a strong desire to reach the target. For instance, it may be your dream to write a book and get it published. You may have the ability to write a good book, but lack of motivation will come in the way of making your dream come true. Hence, it is necessary that every individual learns the importance of motivation and the ways in which he can overcome his lack of motivation in life.

There is this part of us that determines our capability to enjoy life and achieve success. This is our ‘self image’. According to Psychologist Dr. Nathaniel Branden, ‘Our self image is who or what we think we are, consciously and unconsciously- our physical and psychological characteristics, our shortcomings and strengths.’

Our self image results in our self esteem. No human being is born with a low self esteem. Some feelings that give rise to low self esteem are- our disrespect for ourselves, feelings of guilt, fear of failure, constant comparison with others, and the constant criticism we encounter in our immediate environment.

Our circumstances and more importantly our reaction to these circumstances determine our self-esteem. And our self-esteem determines what we achieve in life.

Welcome to the world of Esteem MeLife.

Atul Sikrai

Motivation Expert

Esteem MeLife.

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